PSI - Perl Script Installer If you provide PERL/CGI scripts on your website - then this is the script for you!
- With PSI your visitors can automatically install your scripts directly onto their own websites in seconds!

PSI stands for "PERL Script Installer". It's a small script for your website, which allows visitors to not only download CGI & PERL scripts from your site, but also to automatically install them onto their own website - even if they have no knowledge of PERL/CGI!


  • Fast - Installs scripts in seconds
  • Automated - No need to manually upload & configure PERL and CGI scripts
  • Simple, clear User Interface
  • Advanced Options - Choose where to install scripts, Change default path to PERL, etc
  • Statistics - Log number of script downloads & AutoInstalls for each script [Screenshot]

    "" is a very simply PERL script that will print the words "Hello World" in your Browser...

    Here's how easy it is for your visitors to install scripts from your site...

    Step 1

    A visitor comes across a downloadable script on your site...

    Step 2

    ...they are presented with two options: "Download" or "AutoInstall" the script...

    Step 3

    ...they select "AutoInstall" and enter their website's upload (ftp) address, username, and password...

    Step 4

    ...the script will automatically be uploaded and configured onto the visitors website, ready to use! - all within seconds!


  • Q: What is "AutoInstall"?
  • A: PSI - What is "AutoInstall" (.pdf file - 21KB)

  • Q: How do I integrate PSI into my website?
  • A: View our PSI - Website Integration Guide (.pdf file - 23KB)

  • Q: What are the System Requirements for running PSI?
  • A: PSI is written in, and therefore requires, PERL, but no additional modules other than those bundled with the default installation of PERL, are required.

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