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Echo Arena & BT Convention Centre

BBTS staff have meticulously "snagged" the entire £6m technical installation, including systems and infrastructure, at the Arena & Convention Centre in Liverpool, which opened in 2008. Originally due to be opened a year later in 2009, the project was brought forward a year to coincide with Liverpool's prestigious "Capital of Culture 2008" award. Moving the completion date forward by such a timeframe on such a large project was not without issues. The fault-finding and "snagging" process was therefore a lengthy task given the speed of the initial install to get the building in an openable state by the new deadline, and the scale and complexity of the technical systems. ACC Liverpool had spent in excess of £6million on the latest state-of-the-art infrastructure, lighting, sound, and AV systems, but due to the number of faults/issues with the speed of the install, technical systems were not stable and reliable, and frequently caused issues during live events - staff have no faith & confidence that if they pressed a button it would do what it was supposed to!

So BBTS staff spent a couple of months testing every single technical system, every socket, every tie-line, every piece of equipment in the technical installations in the various spaces, and compiled a very detailed (and lengthy!) report in to all the issues/faults that had been found, of which there were in excess of 700 discrete issues that needed addressing! BBTS staff now knew the technical infrastructure at the Arena & Convention Centre "inside-out" and as such, were asked by ACC Liverpool to continue with the snagging process and work with the City Council, Architects, Builders, Electrical Contractors, Consultants and Installers in addressing each and every one of the issues found. Three years later, with the hard work and dedication of BBTS staff, the number of issues had gone from 700+ to just a handful outstanding, with many of these last few outstanding issues being building design related, rather than direct issues with technical performance systems.

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