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Technical Theatre Consultants based in Manchester, UK and covering the North West and North Wales regions. Specialising in new-build projects and refurbishments, we offer a range of services and friendly independent specialist advice to Schools, Churches, and Entertainment Venues...

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OK, so you're planning on having new technical systems installed in your venue? Exciting isn't it!?
But who's going to ensure that you get a quality installation that meets the original design specifications, and comes in on-time, on-budget and with no nasty surprises??
This is where our consultancy can be invaluable!!

If your new technical systems are still in the "ideas" stage, don't worry, our dedicated consultants can work with you to design something that works for you!
Once you have your design and know exactly what you want, many fall into the trap of approaching one, maybe two companies, for a quote, and then going for whichever quote is cheaper. This is where things can start to go wrong, and you end up with an installation that falls short of your expectations! Our approach to new installations is different; we can oversee a rigorous "tendering" process to ensure you have the highest quality installation at the best possible price. We can produce highly detailed tender documents on your behalf and send these out to a minimum of three different suppliers/installers. We can collate and provide detailed analysis of each tender return, comparing exactly what each company is offering you, and the associated costs, and further negotiate prices during the tendering process with the interested companies. Once the tendering process is complete, we can advise you, outlining in plain English the differences between the tender returns, and which quote we feel would give you the best value without compromising standards.

Once you have nominated a supplier/installer, our consultant can continue to be your liaison throughout the installation works. With regular site visits and inspections our consultants can ensure that any potential issues encountered during the installation works on-site are resolved swiftly and satisfactorily, without deviating from the original design intent.

Once installation works have been completed, BBTS can thoroughly test every aspect of your new installation to check that systems and infrastructure work as designed. If there are any "niggles" or faults found (which there inevitably will be with any new installation), our consultants can oversee the rectification works by the original supplier/installer, so that you are delivered fully-functioning systems!. Read more about our Snagging Services

Take a look at our Portfolio for examples of our recent project management work

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