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Laser & Pyrotechnic Inspections & Sign off

Has an external company brought a laser onto your premises? Do you know whether it's safe?
Are you worried that pyrotechnics being used may not be suitable for your size of venue?
Don't take risks, we're here to help with our friendly and specialist safety advice!

Blue Box Technical Services are a member of the Associates of Stage Pyrotechnicians (ASP), and have many years experience planning and firing pyrotechnic effects. In addition, BBTS consultants are trained fire marshals, and have also undertake professional laser awareness training. Our consultants have personally inspected and signed-off as safe pyrotechnics and laser effects for numerous large arena shows, as well as theatres and smaller venues, making us ideally placed to advise on the safe use of lasers & pyrotechnics for your event.

Risk Assessment

The words "Risk Assessment" fill many people with a certain amount of dread! People generally hate having to carry them out, and most of the time don't see the point. We at Blue Box Technical Services, don't think this way! We believe Risk Assessments are a crucial and very powerful tool, which can help you safely achieve things that you otherwise wouldn't be allowed to do.

Blue Box Technical Services can risk assess your venue, or an individual event.

Our risk assessments cover the following areas:

  • Venue, Site Design, and Access
  • Fire Safety
  • Structures
  • Electrical Installations and lighting
  • Sound: Noise & Vibration
  • Special Effects: including Smoke & Haze, Pyrotechnics, Strobes, Lasers
  • Working at Heights

Emergency Planning

It is essential that all public events and venues have effective emergency planning and contingencies measures in place, which are tested regularly, and in which staff know their responsibilities how to respond should such incidents occur.

Blue Box Technical Services have worked with a number of clients to review existing, or develop new, emergency procedures for their venues, or for specific individual events, as well as offer practical advice to staff. Procedures which have gone on to be approved and praised by local licensing authorities and the emergency services.

Our emergency planning covers the following areas:

  • Major Incident Planning
  • Event Management
  • Crowd Management
  • Terrorism & Bomb Threats
  • Suspicious Packages
  • Emergency Evacuations
  • Staff & Management Roles

Our consultants use HSE and Home Office best practice guidelines as a basis for our Health & Safety and emergency planning work.

Theatre Fire Safety
Pyrotechnic Risk Assessment and Sign-off
Event Hazard Awareness
Working at Heights in Enterntainment Venues
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