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Whaley Bridge Uniting Churches

High Peak
Equipment rack at Whaley Bridge Uniting Churches New speaker install at Whaley Bridge Uniting Churches Locked equipment rack at Whaley Bridge Uniting Churches
Whaley Bridge Uniting Churches contacted us in 2019 as they were looking to replace their aging 100v line PA system in their Church with a professional fit-for-purpose professional PA system. The church also wanted a new hard-of-hearing induction loop fitted.

BBTS provided full consultation, and designed a brand new bespoke sound system tailored to the Church's needs, overcoming many of the challenges and limitations of the previous antiquated system.

The new sound system included new loudspeakers and amplification, a new mixing console, CD player, radio microphones, power conditioner and graphic EQ.

A new induction loop was run around the perimieter of the space, and a new induction loop driver installer into the equipment rack.

The equipment rack itself sat neatly in the corner at the back of the church at a comfortable height for operators. The rack featured a slanted top allowing easy access to the mixing desk. Furthermore, the equipment rack could be safely locked closed to prevent unauthorized access to the sound system.

BBTS staff subsequently installed and commissioned the new sound system, and provided full training to a small number of volunteers at the Church.

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